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A Hawk And A Hacksaw – Forest Bathing

Albuquerque New Mexico travels to nether regions of The Balkans and wins.

Kim Richey – Edgeland

You can label the new Kim Richey album as any form of country Americana, but it is actually all of them and more.

Norman Would – Out of the Blue

Frenchman Norman Would does his Mark Lanegan and Howe Gelb influences proud.

Le Millipede – The Sun Has No Money

An interesting experimental variation on the theme “we’re all equal under the sun”, with very listenable results.

Flying Horsemen – Rooms/Ruins

Antwerp’s Flying Horsemen come up with an album you can always play before you go to bed when you wish to get rid of any possible nightmares.

Shama – Truth BeTold

Shama shows on “Truth BeTold” what true genre fusion should sound like, live or in studio.

Cloud – Plays With Fire

Cloud’s new album “Plays With Fire” is a perfect cross between Jonathan Richman and Galaxie 500 with an assertive personal touch

Submotion Orchestra – Kites

In the glut of ordinary, routine downtempo albums Submotion Orchestra manages to come up with something that is interesting enough to hold your attention, even if you play their ‘Kites’ album as incidental music.

The Oscillation – U.E.F

Demian Castellanos, aka The Oscillation, London’s psychedelic shape-shifter takes Krautrock to the modern-day dance floor this time around.

Nightports w/Matthew Bourne – Nightports w/Matthew Bourne

Nightports and Matthew Bourne have come up with some intriguing conceptual music that actually works on the initial album in a series prepared by the Leaf Label.

Niklas Paschburg – Oceanic

Niklas Paschburg’s Oceanic is a fine effort, particularly since it is a debut in a musical genre that is getting a bit overcrowded these days.

Benjamin Finger – Scale of Blindness

On his new album, Norwegian electronic composer Benjamin Finger explores the dark realms that sound like a soundtrack to one of those early expressionist silent movies like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Stables – Reverie

On their second album Stables confirm their status as an up and coming modern folk duo that doesn’t shy away from varied tempos and arrangements; using familiar sounds but giving them enough new touches to sound fresh and interesting.

W.P. Owen – First Person Singular

A singer/songwriter in the true sense of the term, mostly W.P. Owen, his voice, and guitar, with shades of Bert Jansch and Donovan..

The Hanging Stars – Songs From Somewhere Else

In essence, these are definitely songs from somewhere else, but only by inspiration, The Hanging Stars have made them their own.

The Orielles – Silver Dollar Moment

The young Halifax trio show some serious promise on their debut album.

Parrot – The Path is Gilded And Its Travel Light

Post-rock with a lot of sounds you might have heard before, but well played and executed.

Salad Boys – This Is Glue

Salad Boys exemplify what the new New Zealand sound is like, and it is all for the good.

Field Music – Open Here

After two years of absence, Field Music are back with yet another great slab of pop psychedelia.

AMERA – Connected

A mixed blend of some more daring, experimental sounds and some too standard electro/pop moves.

Sean Morales – Call It In

On his debut, Sean Morales comes up with a combination of seemingly disparate sounds that do make a cohesive whole.

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