Kara Chavez

Kara grew up just outside of Oakland, California and started going to local shows in 1999. She grew up volunteering at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley California, booked shows all over the bay area, and worked a few shifts at Mission Records in San Francisco before shutting its doors forever.

Music has been her greatest hobby. She has played bass in several bands, but is currently focusing on going to live shows as well as reviewing shows and records for Ech(((o)))es and Dust.

She recently moved to Austin Texas – America’s live music capital of the world. She is currently focused on her band Black Vice and helping with Red River Family Records Fest year II.

Her favorite kinds of music are (but not limited to): black metal, doom metal, sludge metal, emo/screamo, post-hardcore, post-punk, punk, crust punk, grindcore, hardcore, blackened crust, among much, much more.


Articles by Kara Chavez

Irk | Wren – Irk | Wren

This is a great split. Irk and Wren are almost completely different bands that really complement each other. I recommend checking out this split, especially if you are into post-hardcore or post-metal. I’m excited to see what these two bands will also release in the future. – By Kara Chavez

Cherubs – 2 Ynfynyty

Cherubs’ long hiatus was worth the 20 year wait. If you listened to: Nirvana, the Melvins, Sonic Youth, The Jesus Lizard, The Fleshies, Queens of the Stone Age, or anything similar, I would recommend checking this out. – By Kara Chavez

Iron Witch – The First Four Beers

If you like sludge, drinking, smoking, Weedeater, or Dystopia…check this out. – By Kara Chavez

Vivus Humare – Einkehr

If you are a black metal enthusiast, I highly recommend checking this album out. – By Kara Chavez

Carcass – Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel

For the die-hard fan, this release is a must. For the general fan of Carcass, this is definitely worth checking out and playing it right after Surgical Steel. – By Kara Chavez

Chaos – Violent Redemption

I highly recommend checking out this record…to pretty much to anyone who listens to metal. – By Kara Chavez

Wayfarer – Children of the Iron Age

It is hard to pin-point what their sound truly is, because it’s a coordinated mixture of several different kinds of music, but it works. It works very well. – By Kara Chavez

Crows – Better Off Dead

This album has sound bite samples that make you think, head bang worthy drum beats, circle pit break downs, and heavy guitar riffs that make Better Off Dead a great hardcore album of 2014. – By Kara Hinman

Laster – De Verste Verte Is Hier

Emotional breakdowns, gloomy guitar ripples in the background, and awesome drone parts that are even on the edge of melodic post-hardcore. De Verste Verte is Hier is definitely a contender of mine for best black metal release of 2014. – By Kara Hinman

Funerals – Human Ruin

I think Funerals will be the band to watch in 2015. I predict they’re going to get gloomier or way harder in sound. Which I think will round it out perfectly. – By Kara Hinman

Interview: Charnia

Kara Hinman asked Belgium post-metal outfit Charnia some questions about their new album Dageraad and more.

Fleshworld / Gazers / Viscera/// – Split (Plus Exclusive Première!)

There are heavy points that draw raw emotion and great amount of musicality that carefully brings everything together for one amazing 3 way split from this European post-hardcore (and beyond) trio of bands. – By Kara Hinman

Cara Neir / Venowl – Split

I am going to have to pass on this split and recommend you do the same. – By Kara Hinman

At Dusk – Anhedonia

At Dusk does a great job obtaining the dark emotion you would expect from a depressive black metal album, but also stays true to the older black metal ways. – By Kara Hinman

Sedna – Sedna

I always have high expectations for long metal songs. It can really be hit or miss, but Sedna really does it justice. – By Kara Hinman

Eastern Front – Descent Into Genocide

This is a solid record. If you are into heavier death metal, war metal, war in general (and are interesting in hearing it from a band’s perspective), check out Descent Into Genocide. You won’t be disappointed. – Kara Hinman

Charnia – Dageraad

Dageraad is a slow, heavy, deep, emotional, screamy, vibrant album. I would most certainly check it out. It could be a contender for my favorite album of 2014, especially for this genre. – By Kara Hinman

The Well – Samsara

If Electric Wizard and Kadavar had a baby and it was a really laid back kid. That’s how I envision Samara. It’s chill, it’s metal, it’s kinda stoney, it’s psychedelic, it’s doom, it’s bluesy, it’s well thought out…all in all: It’s a solid album. – By Kara Hinman

Myrkur – Myrkur

When I first heard this album, I didn’t get it. I didn’t think it was black metal (not sure if I would still call it that…maybe grey metal. Is that a thing?). There are angelic vocals that are the forefront of the album and gives it a very feminine vibe. It’s not something that you hear every day. So, it took a good listen for me to get into it. I would like to hear a bit faster, black metal incorporated into the album. I think it would make it a solid album. – By Kara Hinman

Phobia – Grindcore

Phobia have a lot of great albums to boot, could they make this one fresh and still awesome? The answer is yes, yes they can. – By Kara Hinman

Electric Wizard – Time to Die

Time To Die is going back to the good ‘ol Dopethrone days which we all know and deeply love. – By Kara Hinman

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