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Ba’al – Reverence

Losing their vocalist and focal point seemed like it may have been the end, but Ba’al have come back stronger and darker and made the transition seem so simple.

The Moth Gatherer – Esoteric Oppression

If you like Cult of Luna you will find something here to enjoy. Crushing Swedish post-metal with licks of electronic haze and sludge.

Dead To A Dying World – Elegy

Atmospheric blackened crust that has moments of calm that falsely lull you before roaring away again.

Latitudes – Part Island

Post-metal at its most unique and finest. Latitudes’ fourth album is glorious with a luscious sound that pounds you and embraces you in equal measures.

Erlen Meyer – Sang et Or

A gloomy adventure with the sophomore effort from France’s finest post-metal sludge band which doesn’t fail to deliver after a blistering debut.

Sonance – To Possess You Entirely

A blend of misery and release in the form of sludgy post-metal with licks of doom and ambience sees Sonance create their best release yet.

Marasme – Malsons

This cracking blend of post-metal and post-hardcore from Mollorca shows that living in a warm climate doesn’t necessarily make you worry free.

A Storm of Light – Anthroscene

The soundtrack to modern day distopia. A putrid doom tinged post-metal take on the current social and political landscape which gives no escape.

Bast – Nanoångström

After a four year gap since their debut, Bast delivers another album of neck achingly catchy blackened doom.

A Forest of Stars – Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes

Existing fans will love this. If you are not familiar then you really need to dip a toe in the festering waters of Victorian England, may the lord have mercy.

Abraham – Look, Here Comes The Dark!

A very ambitious project covering 19 songs of apocalyptic post-metal. It might not knock ISIS off top stop in favourite album lists but deserves a place as a genre reference point for the scale and quality of its accomplishment.

Tuscoma – Arkhitecturenominus

A whirlwind of blackened hardcore that batters more than it seems possible for only having two members.

Khôrada – Salt

3/4 of Agalloch have swallowed up the front-man from Giant Squid and produce one of the finest progressive rock/metal albums of the year.

Wayfarer – World’s Blood

From the go ‘World’s Blood’ takes you on an adventure, imagine Little House On The Prairie through a black metal filter and you start to get on the right path.

Rostres – Les Corps Flottants

This isn’t generic post-rock served to you on a platter, it makes you think to find its true beauty.

Raum Kingdom – Everything & Nothing

Raum Kingdom has offered up a real meaty post-metal effort which is another contender for the end of year lists.

Aerosol Jesus – Failure

This is the new soundtrack to your bad times, it is heavy, dark and dripping with passion.

Hundred Year Old Man – Breaching

‘Breaching’ is stunning and leaves no doubt that Hundred Year Old Man is one of the best post-metal bands around.

Ba’al – Thy Sorrow

Quality post-metal with an emphasis on metal featuring a stunningly brave and perfectly executed vocal performance.

Ewig.Endlich. – Auf Grund

On it’s debut album Ewig.Endlich. weave a rich tapestry of multiple sub-genres with beauty, brutality and above all a focused diversity which creates a massively impressive debut release.

Harakiri For The Sky – Arson

Although it is billed as falling between black metal and post-rock it is actually stripped back, anthemic, chest beating, fist pumping metal with a continuous up-beat urgency.

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