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Cobalt – Bourbon Nightmares

Whisky soaked, bluesy, feel-good and joyous, Cobalt make metal as it should be and the end result is nothing short of addictive.

Wounded Not Dead – The Battles of Horus of Edfu

I cannot recommend this record highly enough and I would rate it up there with the most acclaimed prog-death albums.

Conjurer – Mire

‘Mire’ is a seminal piece of writing and execution from Conjurer. This does not sound like a debut album, ‘Mire’ seems much more like the work of an experienced and mature band who have spent a long time crafting their art.

Funeral Chant – Funeral Chant

Funeral Chant’s demo has a lot going on within its cobwebbed and blood-stained coffin lid. Displaying a multitude of styles and a considerable amount of musicianship… The songs are generally fast paced and thunderous with catchy riffs and plenty of solos.

Degial – Predator Reign

If death metal, leather and blood (fake or not) are your jam then I would recommend giving this album a go.

Ba’al – In Gallows By Mass

I am going to call it now: Ba’al are going to be huge. This record absolutely floored me on first listen and my love for it has only grown since.

Apotelesma – Timewrought Kings

With ‘Timewrought Kings’, Apotelesma have shown themselves to be unique and masterful musicians and this is without a doubt my current top contender for album of the year.

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