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I started playing keyboards in my teens, cutting my teeth on Italian folk songs, The Beatles and Elvis. I then discovered the world of experimental/instrumental music and haven’t looked back. In January of 2017, I started writing for Echoes and Dust.

Articles by Adriana Ciccone

thisquietarmy – The Body and the Earth

This album is a masterpiece, not only in its instrumentation, but how that instrumentation relays its message.

Forest Mountain – Prisma

The album is succinct in its execution from start to finish and filled with enigmatic and hard-hitting soundscapes in between. The way each track flowed from one to the next felt like a story was being told.

Twilight in Versailles – once

The attention to detail on this and all of Moser’s releases is what draws me into his music, with each listen I learn, hear and feel something new.

Ottawa Psych Fest 2018

The festival ended well into the wee hours, and it ended as it began, with an air of positivity and mind-blowing creativity. The friendships and mutual respect between the bands really came through and welcomed the fans in.

Novusolis – Collapse

This sophomore release showcases the duo’s continued experimentation with sound. Delving further into the world of synths and effects while keeping their signature sound of emotive instrumentation and dreamy vocals.

Her Name is Calla – The Dead Rift

For those new to Her Name Is Calla, the EP is not what you typically think of when you think of post-rock in general but it definitely is typical of what fans have come to love of the band’s unique sound.

The City Gates – Forever Orbiter

They didn’t invent the term “Wall of Sound” but their music definitely exudes all that this term entails.

Black Sails For Red Seas

If it’s one lesson that time in this business has taught us is the importance of “team”. Our approach has always been to ensure that the whole (band, label, studio) is greater than the sum of its parts.

Degree of Arc – Raptures

How can a band with as little as three people produce such an incredibly full and intense sound? From its heavy start to its most epic end, this album will leave you satisfied, enticing you to listen to it over and over again

Slowrun – Passage

Slowrun has consistently put out great music and their last release is no exception. Late last year, this Finnish instrumental post-rock/ambient trio, released a two track EP entitled Passage. At just under fourteen minutes in length, it left me amazed and only wanting more. Could that have been their plan all along?

Brosandi – Music For An Unknown Galaxy

It’s that kind of feeling that gets you right in the gut and lingers there for a while. It’s full of expression, a sonic soundscape that stops you in your tracks, hits you right in the feels, as a good friend of mine often says.

Apollo – Skydive

The album is a journey of ebbs and flows. I enjoyed the 80s style fills and funky beats. If you want to get lost for a little while then check out this album.

Iguana Lovers – Surfing Caos

Overall, the album stayed true to its theme and was wonderfully consistent throughout. I loved the album right from the opening riff.

Do Make Say Think and Flying Hórses – Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Throughout the set, although there was so much going on both physically and sonically, I felt as though the band created space in their music. Leaving room to add even more layers, if they wanted.

Postvorta – Carmentis

‘Carmentis’ is the second chapter of the cycle of birth trilogy by Italian post-metal/sludge band Postvorta. From the theme, to the music and track titles, everything about the first two chapters of this trilogy is heavy and beautifully complicated.

Belle Game – Fear/Nothing

It’s done in such a way that it feels like a gust of wind came out of no where and gently swept you up then put you back down. As quickly as it came, it went.

Upcdownc – I, Awake

I find this band witty and imaginative in their execution of this album. Gloriously heavy in parts and beautifully melodic in others.

Dye By The Sword – Bats

The band took their personal experiences and wrote something expressive but unobtrusive. Allowing the listener to feel what they felt but through the listener’s own lenses. Equally amazing is that this album was 100% DIY. The musicianship on this album is outstanding and for me, it is a definite top 10 album for 2017.

The Pale Light – Future Eaters

I found the juxtaposition between the somber theme of the album and the animated sound of the album to be pretty smart.

Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun

When I first listened to the album, my initial reaction was that it was an all-encompassing album. A sort of best of album but not of their tracks up to this point, but of their spirit and abilities as musicians since they started releasing music. The album had all my senses engaged and fed my soul.

Twilight In Versailles – möbius

Ryan Moser is a modern-day composer who has created a composition for our time.

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