Frog – Whatever We Probably Already Had It

Possibly, one of the briefest, under the radar gems of 2018.




Flea: The Band That Wouldn’t Die!

A lot of our songs addressed mental illness or the glossy packaging over the shit we really get sold. It does seem that democracy is suffering from some kind of mental illness in 2018 and we are still being sold the same overpriced shit dressed up as gentrification, or must have consumable. Flea have still got traction.


Under The Influence with Jo Quail

To say that cellist and composer, Jo Quail, has had an amazing 2018 is nothing short of an understatement. With the UK leg of her sell-out tour with Myrkur starting next week, we thought it an ideal time to ask Jo to write about three albums that have been huge influences on her playing and composition.

 (((O))) LIVE

Enjoy Sugoi Festival Part II – Scala, London

I entered London’s Scala with pricked up ears and senses tuned to pick up on any Sugoi activity going on, whether good or bad. If one expects to be spooked when entering a spooky castle, it sounds only fair to expect enjoyable “Sugoi” music to come out of this second day of Enjoy Sugoi Festival.

 (((O))) PHOTOS


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