Torche – Admission

Another solid album of catchy doom rock from a truly unique band with a few darker twists on album number five.




Neon Demon – A Q&A with ALEX

ALEX is an Edinburgh-based synthwave producer and one of the leading lights of Britain growing retro-wave scene who creates demonic dystopias that would give Philip K Dick the fear.

Hey Colossus

Kevin Martin (The Bug/King Midas Sound/Zonal) – Part I

Big Lad



Under the Influence with CULTDREAMS

Brighton duo, Cultdreams (formerly Kamikaze Girls) are set to release their second album on August 16th titled Things That Hurt via Big Scary Monsters Records. The album is made up of ten incredible tracks each filled with incredible instrumentati …

 (((O))) LIVE

GosT • ORAX – Underworld, London

It’s probably because I come to this as a metaller rather than a clubber or a gamer that I’m intrigued about exactly how this will operate in the live environment. Metallers are used to standing and watching the band, maybe moshing a bit. Clubbers are used to dancing, chatting and occasionally giving props to the DJ for dropping a massive tune. So how will the two mix, in the Underworld, on a wet rainy Wednesday?

 (((O))) PHOTOS


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