Iamthemorning – Ocean Sounds

Ocean Sounds, then, is everything that fans might have hoped for, and whole lot more besides. It seems only fitting that Iamthemorning eschew sweaty clubs or grandiose halls and find a location so suited to their sonic universe. A stunning showcase for some of the band’s best material to date, it’s also richly atmospheric, surprisingly involving, and a visual feast in its own right. Quite simply, a sensational piece of work.

Upper Wilds – Mars

Un – Sentiment

Cave – Always

Endless Swarm – Imprisoned In Skin

Bast – Nanoångström

Big Lad – Pro Rock




Ildaruni: Myth and legends from Armenia

Guido Segers caught up with Armenian black metal band Ildaruni, to ask about their band, the history, and myths of Armenia, and playing black metal.


Under the Influence with Dan Burchmore from Alunah

Midlands based doom band Alunah will return this autumn with new music and an updated lineup. The EP entitled Amber & Gold will feature the exciting and powerful delivery of new vocalist Siân Greenaway and will be self-released on November 16th (av …

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Pitchfork Festival, Paris – Ten to Watch

Set every year around the end of October and start of November, Pitchfork Music Festival has quickly earned its place as a staple event in the Parisian music scene through its yearly display of cutting-edge artists and rare live performances. Here are ten artists Echoes and Dust are looking forward to seeing at the festival.

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