Lazy Legs – Tremor EP

One thing is for sure is that once they have settled into their new surroundings and focused on some live work then they will deliver even more great things.   Keep an eye on this band in 2018.




Earthling Society Interview: Fred Laird

Whilst psych music has taken many forms over the last few years, few bands have managed to dive deeper into what it actually means to be psychedelic than Earthling Society. Riding high on the back of the excellent Ascent To Godhead, Earthling Society are still very much an underground concern. For any true connossieur of psych though, they remain an essential part of the scene. Martyn Coppack chats to Fred Laird from the band.


Under The Infuence with Austel

Austel is the nom de plume of Devon born songwriting talent Annie Rew Shaw. Having studied classical vocal and piano from a young age, at the tender age of 19 Annie took the plunge to move to London to try and ‘make it’ as a musician. In late 2016, Aus …

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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

To begin the run in to this year’s already amazing looking festival, the good people of Supersonic have brought back two great bands from last year to kick things off with a bang!

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