Poppet – Mastery ov the Arcane Crafts

Approaching levels of alienation that most black metal projects can only hope to achieve, this album diffracts its religious subject matter, turning it against itself in a strange materialist thought experiment.




Andy Golding from Dragon Welding

Wolfhounds guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Andy Golding took time out to explain the making of his debut solo album under the moniker Dragon Welding.


Under the Influence with Sigils

New York based doom band Sigils released their debut album You Built the Altar, You Lit the Leaves last week, which Geoff Topley described as a very accomplished album that ensures the primal, raw, heavy tones of doom metal are present, but manage …

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The Lazys • Fizzy Blood • The Standstills – House of Vans, London

The Lazys are surely deserving of bigger, wilder, drunker audiences and I recommend you make it so at Bloodstock or anywhere else you happen to find them. 

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