Revelation by Laura Taubman

Release date: July 10, 2020
Label: Wolfe Island Records

If you are an aspiring Canadian singer/songwriter and you want to make it as an Americana artist you generally travel to your southern neighbor to record and make it. But what if you are originally from Virginia, live mostly in New York, and then go to Canada to record an Americana album? Not exactly the most traveled route, but it is the one Lara Taubman took. But then it was upon a call from producer and musician Hugh Christopher Brown who has set up a studio on the Wolfe Island in Canada.

The result is Revelation, her initial album offering. In many ways, it is no wonder. Vocally and musically, Taubman in many ways comes over as a Canadian/American cross, a cross between Joni Mitchell and Gillian Welch. For many, that would be a very heavy (musical) cross to bear, but throughout the album, Taubman is able to carry it with ease, particularly on tracks like ‘Desert Boy’ or ‘The Conversation’.

For his part, Brown was able to put forward Taubman’s two main qualities, her vocals, and quite accomplished songwriting, particularly for somebody that is coming up with their initial album. Taubman says: “Revelation is about my journey to heal through making music. Following a call to begin singing five years ago led me to a series of fortuitous events that created this album. Music always saved me, now I hope to return the favor.”

Coming from somebody that is probably unfamiliar to many listeners this could sound like a very bold claim. But judging by what she has come up with on Revelation, there might really be something in her idea to take a part in helping save the music.

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