Austrian composer Bernhard Schimpelsberger recently released a haunting masterpiece titled Glansvit [official soundtrack] via Phantom Limb‘s new soundtrack imprint Geist im Kino [Eng: ghost in the cinema]. It is a score composed for the Swedish ballet production of Glansvit. Glansvit was written in 1883 by Swedish writer Alghid Agrell and tells a story of a life condemned to persecution and imprisonment. The score was also “inspired by the natural beauty of remote northern Sweden – its icy blues and whites, and the dancing of the Northern Lights…Schimpelsberger worked closely with the dance production throughout his compositional process, travelling to Sweden on numerous occasions over the 18 months of writing.”

We wanted to find out more about Bernhard, so we asked him to pick three albums that have influenced him and his music. His picks are below.

Brad Mehldau10 years Solo Live

I come from a family of piano technicians so piano always was my first love. For me Brad Mehldaus‘ way of orchestration on the piano changed everything I knew solo music could be. Using the piano to its fullest narrative and storytelling capacity it feels like an orchestra that is playing in front you. This album was a huge inspiration for me to investigate solo percussion music in a more symphonic way.

Trilok GurtuKathak

When I started studying Indian classical rhythms it was this album that totally blew my mind. A carefully crafted orchestra of rhythms, many layers, organically composed. For me, this is a ground breaking album that does away with genres. It is music driven by Trilok Gurtu‘s percussive vision that allowed Indian, Western and African melodies and grooves to come together. Gurtus rhythms glue everything together.

Joe ZawinulWorld Tour

Joe Zawinul is Austrias jazz hero and since my early days I was fascinated by his achievements. But more than his career achievements, his music is a unique blend of composition and real time improvisation. His band is conducted in a way that it works like an organism that moves together. This live album demonstrated so well how Zawinul leads the music with small cues and melodies. The rhythms are African and the sensibility is jazz. Zawinul with his melodies and textures drives the music to beautiful places of high intensity.

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