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London-based songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Penniless Cove (aka Phoebe) is set to release a new album titled Onion Peel on February 21st. Today we premiere a video for the track ‘Silence Sits Like A Boom’. The video was created by Ben Sommers (Smoke No Pony). The track also features vocalist/spoken word artist Arji Manuelpillai.

Phoebe states that she wrote “…‘Silence Sits Like A Boom’ on a half-sized double bass that had been lying in the kitchen for a while. It was after another argument, where words had been exhausted and there was nothing left to talk about. I sent it to my friend and talented spoken word artist Arji, who wrote the verses, twisted the story and added new layers.”  The track speaks to the darker side of relationships not only via lyrics but also through its instrumentation. That double bass sets the uneasy tone and provides a perfect stage to the smartly written and perfectly executed verses. 

Check out the video here:

Penniless Cove’s album launch will take place on February 19th. For more info, check out the Facebook event page here:

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