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On January 24th, New Zealand-based artist, Masks, made their debut with a two-track release via Buzzhowl Records. Today we are excited to premiere a video made for their debut single ‘Our Weekend Starts Tomorrow’. The video was directed and produced by Joseph Leary and Morgan Leary of Pink Cloud. Masks, who wish at this point to remain anonymous said, “…the whole aesthetic behind Masks is doing music with no limits and expectations.”

The video shows several characters wearing masks in different environments, doing different things and as Masks expressed, they stay true to their goal of no limits and expectations, allowing the listener/viewer to take away what they will from their experience. The title of the track, ‘Our Weekend Starts Tomorrow’ juxtaposed against the tone set by the instrumentation is incredibly conflicting to the point of genius. The drumming and guitar work are heavy and powerful in their execution and set against the characters in the video wearing masks with indifferent expressions…I’m not sure I want the weekend to start tomorrow at all.

Check out the video here:


Find Our Weekend Starts Tomorrow here:

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