In early December of last year, Gothenburg-based drone solo-artist The Keep (aka Oliver Knowles) released his debut EP titled Primer via Houndstooth. He combines “his Indonesian heritage with a love for drones” and the result is quite inspiring and beautiful. The EP was influenced by Spanish and Catalonian festivals, films and their scores and literature. On the EP he also uses “samples of traditional Indonesian instruments, including a small Indonesian hand drum that his mother gave him years ago.” The EP is introspective and illuminating. It sets the synapses afire and the soul on an incredible soundscape journey. 

On February 12th, The Keep is set to play a headline show in London at Paper Dress Vintage. Ahead of his show, we caught up with him and asked what three albums have influenced him and his music. He answered with his picks below…


The EP is available here:

See The Keep live:
12th Feb – Paper Dress Vintage, LONDON (Tickets)


There are several Liars records that I really love but I think as this was such a noticeable from their other releases it really stood out for me. WIXIW feels more vulnerable musically but is no less unsettling than previous records, and the synth arrangements give it a kind of delicious slickness I can’t get enough of.


This was the first Grimes record I’d listened to and I remember thinking it just sounded like someone just experimenting and exploring ideas in their bedroom and I really loved that. I soon found out that was pretty much how the album was made and loved it even more. 3 weeks and entirely on Garageband! It was super inspiring. I saw her at Madame Jojos around that time with about 20 other people. Really low key and just perfect.

BattlesLa Di Da Di

I’ve always loved Battles music the most when it’s been instrumental so this album is perfect for me. I honestly can’t think of any band or artist that sounds remotely like Battles, even when they’re trying to sound like Battles.

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