Room Control are a three-piece out of Montreal, Canada and consists of Richard Bunze (bass, guitar, effects), Byron (synths, effects, samples, field recordings) and Dan Stefik (drums, percussion). If you love psych/electronic/shoegaze driven instrumental music, this is your band. The band manages to pack a lot of punch in each of their tracks using heaving hitting bass licks, drumming and infectious synth layers. In November of last year, the band released their sophomore albm, Maybe Too Broken. They recorded at Freq Shop Studios with recording/mixing engineer Eric Saucke-Lacelle. It consists of four new tracks and two older live favourites. 

On March 6th they will be performing at Velouria Fest II in Montreal and in June, they will be performing at Ottawa Psych Fest III.

We caught up with the band and asked them what three albums have influenced them and their music. Their picks are below.


Album is available here:

Richard Bunze – Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubB.R.M.C. (2001)

Funny enough, an album that has greatly influenced me musically, is one that I’ve been listening to over the past week on repeat…it stands the test of time and I never tire of it. It’s the debut album from Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubB.R.M.C.. It just sounds right to me on so many levels, dirty, droney, shoegazey, and psychedelic… and features one of my favorite songs of all time…’Awake’. Not to mention, Robert Been is one of my favorite bass players around. Great tone.

Dan Stefik – The KinksWe Are the Vilage Preservation Society

The KinksWe Are the Village Green Preservation Society is certainly a desert island disc for me. I fell in love with it at the right time, after I’d been through my classic rock phase, and after I’d spent some serious time with the (British and other) folk genre. There was something about the album that made me an instant Ray Davies fan even though I’d heard other albums before and appreciated them as well. For me, this album has an attitude and a feeling that I doubt I’ll even be able to shake. And I’m ok with that. Really ok.

Byron – Tangerine DreamRicochet (1975)


I’m very much influenced by early Tangerine Dream especially their first live album Ricochet (1975) and their 8th studio album Stratosfear (1976). To me, all their albums pre 1980s are great! Great synth sounds, atmosphere, songwriting, and vibe. To me, this was their peak period. They bring you to this outworldly psychedelic place full of imagination. When I first put Stratosfear on my record player, I had it at the wrong speed. It took me a while to notice the mistake since it was instrumental. Funny thing is, it still sounded amazing!

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