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Baltimore-based noise punks Baklavaa are set to release their third LP Sleep Running on February 28th. It will be released digitally, on cassette (Crass Lips Records) and on vinyl (2020 Records). “[A]fter a three year period of writing while playing sporadic shows, Sleep Running is the result and it is their most mature and sonically diverse album yet, displaying their talent for creating lush atmospheres and catchy melodies amidst chaos.”

The band is made up of Ted Ciafardini (guitar/samples/voice), Flynn DiGuardia (drums/bells/keg), Dominique Wilson (bass) and John Michaloski (guitar). This album also features saxophone work provided by Lucas Rambo. The story behind the new album is also pretty cool. After the band posted a demo track up on Bandcamp and hinting on their plan to record a new album, they were contacted by recording engineer Kevin Bernsten (Noisem, Full of Hell, Pianos Becomes The Teeth) who expressed interest in recording their album. Later that same year, they were recording their songs with Bernsten at Developing Nations studio

Today we have the pleasure of premiering that very same track which is now the first track off the new album and the third single to be released. The track is titled ‘Sugar Water’ and is accompanied by a psychedelic video. The instrumentation is dynamic, picking up speed just past the halfway mark. The drumming, guitar and bass work are out of this world and that saxophone drone helps create an incredible wall of sound. Check it out here…

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