Well, it was nice to greet the bright new decade for a few hungover hours wasn’t it? It didn’t take long to proudly reveal it had flicked a lit cigarette butt into the bins out back and things had begun to swiftly spiral, though. Hardly even abandoned our resolutions yet. If you need some calming drone to cool your frying brain then you’re in luck. Stereocilia creates some nicely layered ambience with live looping synth and guitar. He’s up in the crumbling, derelict attic space of Islington Mill, accompanied in this video by his luxuriant hair and some surprisingly bright sunlight. Remember that?

The Attic Recordings are a series presented by IMPATV, who are based in Islington Mill, capturing performances by visiting and resident artists in the otherwise unusable attic space. The mill has a partially collapsed roof and an expansive fifth floor which have become structurally unsound as a result of exposure to the weather. The Attic Recordings are a way to use and document the space as it currently stands and also spotlight efforts to raise awareness and funds towards the long term sustainability of the building.

Stereocilia is the project of Bristol-based guitarist and composer John Scott. Last spring saw the release of his fourth album, The Silence That Follows on Brighton’s Drone Rock Records. Described by Martyn Coppack on this very site as “a dense, hybrid ambient mess of nothingness which pulls you into its void and encompasses your very being…. a true cathartic experience which turns into a beautiful cinematic sound-scape.”


Stereocilia live – 17/01/20  The Exchange, Bristol, UK

All of the previous attic recordings are at


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