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If you’ve never heard of the band Ainsoph before now you are not mistaken. The band is fairly new and is set to release their debut album titled Ω – V on February 2nd via Wolves of Hades Records. This Dutch trio has put together an incredible album made up of seven tracks influenced by several genres. From black-metal to post-punk, progressive and jazz, this album will satisfy on many levels. The vocals are dreamy and a great juxtaposition to the instrumentation.

The band has already released the first track off the album titled ‘Home’ and today we premiere the fifth track off the album, ‘The Long and Self-Destructive Road’. When asked about the track, the band stated, “The long and self-destructive road” is not as much a display of vulnerability as the rest of the record. It’s about how being a human vortex will eventually lead to the most (self) destructive form of “victory”. And as the title suggests, the endless nightmare of a road towards it.”.

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