Fehlt is a four-piece band based out of Leeds. The project was started by art student Ewan Barr, and after moving from the North East of England to Leeds, Ewan was soon joined by guitarist Will Shuttleworth, bassist Adam Rundle and drummer Ben Udin. On November 12th the band released a new track titled ‘Closure’ via Clue Records. It’s a dreamy sounding track with its infectious guitars, steady beat and quiet vocals. The lyrical composition was assisted by Ewan’s girlfriend, Sophie Walker

“The track was recorded in Salford with Sam Kennedy (Ronald Raygun) in a bitterly cold January this year. Drums were played by Sam Kennedy with violin from Mark Rochman (Pepe Sylvia, Colour of Spring).”

We caught up with the band and asked what three albums have influenced them and their music. Ewan replied with his picks below. 

Fehlt’s ‘Closure’ is released as a 30 minute cassette tape with artwork created by Ewan himself. The cassette tape will also contain a cover of Sebadoh’s ‘Spoiled’, due for release in 2020. Check it out here: https://cluerecords.bandcamp.com/album/closure

ChameleonsScript of the Bridge

“In his autumn before the winter comes man’s last mad surge of youth.” A perplexed woman responds: “What on earth are you talking about?”. There’s a moment’s pause, and then the glorious sounds of ‘Don’t Fall’, the opening track, come surging in. A recommendation from my dad; Script of the Bridge is an atmospheric Post-Punk album reminiscent of bands like Joy Division and the Cure. The hypnotic drum patterns and simple yet catchy guitar work create a dark world which still resonates with me to this day. The repetitive nature of each track is something i take into my own compositions, and seeps into all of my musical ventures. The album finishes off with the brooding, bittersweet ‘View from a Hill’ which perfectly encapsulates the listening experience.


I always find myself revisiting this album, it’s a happy record, a sad record, a happysad, sadhappy, mad, glad, quiet, mad, dark, glad, poppy, fast, slow, fast, peaceful, beautiful, lost/found, ugly, dry, wet, fuck, fast, heartbroken, in love, loud, quiet, loud, loudquiet, quietloud, nostalgic record. The way Cole fuses the pulse of Krautrock with the sonics of New Wave into melodic dream pop is something I admire and apparent in most of my own tracks.


This album completely changed my outlook on how to write music; from the brittle, spoken-word vocals to the intricate and dynamic guitar, the sparseness, spaciousness; Spiderland is flawless. The album flows through sparse instrumentation until they explode into a loud distorted passages like on the track ‘Washer’. The detached, anonymous image the band portrays too is something i often take into consideration, much like Slint i want the music to talk for itself – creating an unsettling, haunting world for the listener to navigate.

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