Brighton three-piece, Something Leather, “specialise in uniquely dark, trippy alternative rock….With a unique brand of dark pop led by the sound of their beloved 70’s Phillips organ, which is fixed up with old parts of singer Phillie’s grandmother’s first colour TV, Something Leather’s authentic sound is completed by a bass organ, untamed baritone guitar noise and relentless drumming, contributing to an explosive live show.” At the end of October, the band released a single titled ‘Lullaby’. An eeire yet head bopping track made possible by the wonderful Phillips organ and vocals.

We caught up with the band and asked them to pick three albums that have influenced them and their music. Below are their picks.

‘Lullaby’ is available here.

The band has been playing a few gigs since November 1st and have one coming up on November 14th at Southampton, Heartbreakers supporting Projector. Check out the event details here:

Queens of the Stone AgeSong for the Deaf

This album was very inspirational to us for its almost claustrophobic and dark atmosphere. The way songs are constructed and go into unexpected directions is something we dig a lot too. They transition effortlessly from energetic grooves to ethereal textures and from fragility to rebellion. We especially tried to emulate some of the recording and production techniques they used on the drums in order to get that punchier sound. This album is also where Phillie discovered her love for whispers; she’s always trying to add them everywhere on our recordings and ‘Lullaby’ is no exception.

YAKPursuit of Momentary Happiness

YAK always had a special place in our music collection. The first time we saw them live they also had a Philicorda organ on stage (the same organ Phillie uses) so it just hit the right spot for us. YAK just make music to grasp you and take you out of your inhibitions: this album is visceral and raw but also experimental in some places. The introspective lyrics and emotional delivery is an additional layer of poetry to the organised chaos. Their sound is very personal and multifaceted. It’s really inspiring to listen to a band who celebrates their music roots like blues and psychedelia without letting these genres define or contain them. ‘Lullaby’ also has many influences and we hope that people will perceive it in that way too.

Alexandra SaviorBelladonna of Sadness

Alexandra Savior instantly creates a dark cinematic world of her own and we’re absolutely mesmerised by her moody, melancholic atmospheres. Her dark romanticism, like Nick Cave’s, resonates with our own approach to songwritting. We also have a lot of respect for the production on this album: we listen to it over and over again because the instruments blend together so well without drowning each other. The subtle use of multiple vintage keys is also a great source of inspiration for us.

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