When I heard the track ‘Itch’ I thought, shit, this is an anthem for all bands out there. Succinct in every way. Who is the band behind this great track? The band is called Fea, a San Antonio based quartet who have been described as a “trailblazing trifecta of Chicana Punk, Riot Grrrl ethos and blistering musical prowess.” On November 15th, the band released their sophomore album No Novelties via Joan Jett Blackheart Records. The album was produced by LA punk legend Alice Bag.

“The new bi-lingual collection explores hot button topics, from sexism to the toxicity of social media.” The album is made up of ten tracks that total at just under thirty minutes. A great listening experience from start to finish. 

Want to know what influences the band and their music? We did too so we asked them what three albums have influenced them and their music. The band’s picks are below.

The album is available here.

The band is on tour. Check out all tour dates and information here.


Babes In Toyland Nemesisters

This band heavily influenced Jenn and me. I remember catching a video of there’s on Alternative Nation on MTV and I was hooked. We went to see them in concert here in San Antonio. They didn’t play long because they didn’t like the way a female was being treated in the audience by a male. That quick set was enough to influence Jenn and me to start a band. The power these three woman has on stage had a huge impact on us. Years later we ended up working with Lori Barbero on our first Fea record . Then we toured with Babes. Full circle indeed!
– Phanie, Jenn, Letty

Huggy BearTaking The Rough with The Smooch

Big fans of the Kill Rock Star label. So many influential bands for us but this particular record stood out. Watching the live version of ‘Herjazz’ on The Word is just badass. I remember a friend of ours passing Jenn and I the vinyl in the 90s and we would listen to it over and over all the way through. I found it again years later and bought it immediately. It’s a must-listen.
– Phanie

RadioheadOk Computer

Radiohead is by far my favorite band, ever. I can listen to this band all day. What made me choose this album is how eccentric and electronic Radiohead started getting in this album. This later evolved in later albums. I love how Radiohead combined a sense of insanity into the music. I like to bring that into my solos, a little bit of insanity or as I like to describe melodic chaos! Johnny Greenwood has some killer solos which are melodic and also technically impressive. I like to incorporate tremolo picking into my solos a lot, which I definitely get from Greenwood. The lyrics are more abstract and definitely make you think about life really. This album is very melancholy with its topics but also has such a strong theme. “Fitter, happier” was the track that always confused me when I was young but as a grew up, it really made sense and also most shares the same theme as our song, “Let me down.” In a sense, how everyone isn’t happy with themselves, controlled by ads and social media. This whole album really changed this band from a Brit-pop band to an alternative rock band, which I definitely am into. You’ll always find me listening to at least one song from this album on the daily.
– Sofi

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