(Photo credit: Frank Rottmann)


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Inspiring, creative and emotive. This is how I describe the newly released video by Viennese noise/ambient/electronic artists Waelder. The track is titled ‘Loss’ and it is taken from their 2018 release Non Places released via Denovali Records. The video gives us a glimpse into their process and stage set-up. It’s all quite incredible to behold. The visuals used in their live set-up are also stunning. “To present their music live, Wælder are mixing analogue and digital effects with guitar, synthesizers, vocals and loops. Rhythms and atmospheres blur, dissolve and re-assemble. Their live shows are often framed by visuals, generated in collaboration with various visual artists.”

Non Places was recorded and produced in different locations at different times in Vienna and Berlin. Wælder experimented independently with their tracks, later reassembling them over the internet….The name Non Places comes from the eponymous publication Non-Lieux (Eng. non-places) by the French anthropologist Marc Augé. By means of the happenings in the specific space of Vienna / Berlin and the exchange about the nonspecific space of the Internet, the countless server rooms crossed by shared audio data have been interpreted as monofunctional places, without relation and history. If music and the process of creation are two different places, then Non Places is the gap-bridging perspective. What happens and sounds is an experiment of space, body, form and purpose.”

Check out the video below. The album is available here: https://waelder.bandcamp.com/album/non-places

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