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The last of the sets we’re bringing you from Supernormal 2019 steps away from the shed stage and into The Vortex. A wonderful triangular barn which seems to have poked through the earth’s crust it appeared a few years back after the old second stage was killed by the weather gods. The Vortex provides a darker interior space for films, talks, AV performances and looser more experimental approaches. It was well suited to Godspeed You! Peter Andre‘s blend of electronic noise, performance art and dark witch music. Their name collides cheap celebrity and high minded art-rock while their own performance mixes a degree of cabaret into confrontational noise. Filmed of course by IMPATV in front of a packed house, they went down a storm.

I asked Emer how they felt the performance had gone…

Emer – “It was the best set we have EVER played. We played on the Sunday to a completely full room with the most engaging audience who totally got our sound. Was pure magic! I was the most nervous I have ever been as there were so many people in the audience I massively respected but those nerves turned into powerful energy; Kaskie and I fully locked in and we delivered an insane show. The sound was perfect (massive thanks to Jimmy from Neuron) and we could have not asked for a more immense reception. We were both absolutely buzzing after, and that high lasted for hours!”

(((O))) How did you find the festival overall?

E – “Personally, I think Supernormal is the UK’s best festival, hands down. And the 2019 program was perfection. Somehow they manage to build a safe and special festival for all us misfits to escape to every year. They have a devout openness to showcasing some massively ambitious projects on a DIY level, and the diversity of what you can get involved in there is astonishing. It is my annual escape from reality and I am counting down the days to be back at Braziers with my weirdo familia.”


Godspeed You! Peter Andre play Brave Exhibitions Festival in Newcastle. Sat 16 Nov, alongside Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Warmduscher, AJA, Big Lad, Casual Nun, Mésange, Cattle, Dorcha, Luminous Bodies and more

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