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Ryoki Center are a three-piece noise rock band from Nashville, TN made up of Sam Mattingly (vox, guitar), Richie Townsend (drummer) and Kristian Garrett (bass). On January 10, 2020, the band is set to release their album titled Strychnine.”The album blends hard rock with noise, drone and experimental elements to create molten soundscapes with engaging rock and roll payoff. Shouts and growls balance out singer-songwriter style vocal passages with lyrics concerning memory,  monotony, psychic ability and love; providing context to the layers of surgical steel guitar, corrosive bass and syncopated drums contained in the thirteen tracks.”

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the track ‘Enthused’. The track speaks of “life-altering mishaps, inherent dread of small-town American existence and coming to terms with one’s roots.” The band expresses all of this musically through, at times, intense vocals and heavy instrumentation. A great preview for what’s to come.

The accompanying video was produced by Taylor Thurman and Eli Huxley Rojas and is a “heavily distorted walk through one of Tennessee’s strangest landmarks: The Mindfield, an ongoing art installation by Mr. Billy Tripp in Brownsville, TN.”

Pre-order the album here.

The band will be having the Release show on January 10th. Get all the details via their Facebook event page here.


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