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The Cordial Sins are a five-piece band based in Columbus, Ohio. On October 25th, the dream-pop/indie band will release a new EP titled In Memory via Diversion Records. “The songs that comprise In Memory  were written in earnest by The Cordial Sins co-founders, Liz Fisher (vocals, guitar) and Corey Dickerson (lead guitar, vocals), and lovingly bore by long-time bandmates Kyle Edwards (guitar), John Allen (bass) and Mike Ortiz (drums), all during the most haphazardly fleeting form of time: tour. In moments on the road — of arresting inspiration, dissembling emotion, and scarce stillness — The Cordial Sins made a grittily fizzing meld of rasping indie rock, melty shoegaze, and raw emotion, almost combative in its strength.”

Today we premiere the video for the first track off of the EP titled ‘You Are A Weight’. It’s a suspense-filled video with an ending that is gold. Check it out here:

More information on the EP here.

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