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On November 8th, Bristol five-piece Some Bodies will release their debut album Sunscreen via Funnel Music. “The album pulls in sounds from every corner of rock history, from the dulcet lo-fi harmonies of The Beach Boys and Sparklehorse to the contemporary psychedelic leanings of Tame Impala and Beach House.” The album was recorded by Stew Jackson at Rockfield Studios and is made up of ten tracks that “at times feels vintage in its presentation but Some Bodies have taken everything they know from these timeless eras and twisted them into something quite unique.”

We caught up with the band and asked them to pick three albums that have influenced them and their music. Their picks are below.

Pre-order the album here: https://some-bodies.bandcamp.com/

Tour Dates:

14th Nov – 60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth
15th Nov – The Louisiana, Bristol
16th Nov – Heartbreakers, Southampton
20th Nov – Bobiks, Newcastle
23rd Nov – The Hug and Pint / Glue Factory, Glasgow
25th Nov – Headrow House, Leeds
26th Nov – Annies, Worcester
28th Nov – The Waiting Rooms, London

Beach House – Depression Cherry

We’re not sure if this will seem out of place to some or not, but ‘like Beach House’ was a cliché we developed through our pre-album rehearsals. It was early common ground for all of us playing together and as a direction for the record. Beach House manage to meander between light and dark with innocent minimalism that we often tried to recapture. Fred got pretty obsessed with the way they use chords, often only moving one note to form the next chord in the progression; he borrowed this technique a few times.

Our beloved Roland TR-77 drum machine (featured on all tracks on the record) probably has Depression Cherry to thank for its brazen overuse too. From top to bottom their album is unashamedly ‘big’ and ‘emotional’, they seem to scratch at the divine and bottle nostalgia, for which we are always reaching.

Beach BoysSurf’s Up!

From Beach to Beach. Stew (who produced our record) mentioned Surf’s Up! as soon as we started working together. We haven’t confirmed this with him but we think he threw it in the mix because of how ‘self-aware’ the band is being. It’s a deflated, existential and reflective Brian Wilson, who permeated into the tone of our songs. Hearing the same staggeringly beautiful Beach Boys’ harmony and instrumentation in this melancholic context was immensely powerful. The layered vocals, bells and some synth sounds (etc.) were a nod to Brian and the gang.

Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams 

One of the bands that we can’t believe don’t get more love… There’s an eerie, sultry and velvety atmosphere that Timber Timbre cook up on this record. Taylor Kirk’s crooning isn’t as self-assured as Alex Turner or Julian Casablancas, a more passé approach, which certainly inspired Tom’s vocal delivery on a few of our tracks. ‘Hot Dreams’ is spacious and airy, reverb-drenched major 7 chords and pseudo-cowboy cinematic landscape… All up our street. It’s like Lee Hazelwood has been dragged into the uncomfortable trauma of modern life. Everyone should dive into this record, once described (accurately) by a friend as: ‘absolute ear butter’.

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