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On October 11th, LA-based Fime will be releasing their debut EP titled Sprawl. The songs were recorded and produced by “Melina Duterte (Jay Som) at the bands’ LA house (which they share with Duterte)”. How cool is that? Very. Equally as cool though, if not more so, is their EP. The EP is made up of five incredible tracks, my favourites being ‘Jerk Practice’ and ‘Boundless’. 

In our neverending quest to find out more about the bands we write about here at E&D, we asked the band one of our favorite questions, “What three albums have influenced the band and your music?”. The band graciously replied. Check out there picks below.

Check out the band’s Bandcamp page for info on the upcoming release: https://fime.bandcamp.com/

Psychedelic FursAll of This and Nothing

One of the first albums I ever really listened to repeatedly in its entirety was the Psychedelic FursAll Of This And Nothing. It was pretty much my introduction to my obsession with post punk and new wave, and I think Richard Butler’s kind of smoked out vocal delivery has had so much influence on such a huge collection of vocalists that I respect. Lyrically I think this album has some of the most standout darkly humored, cynical lines at the time exploring themes of religion, politics and sex work. ‘President Gas’ is such a memorable album opener for me, which is critical of the significance of a left leaning or right leaning president and whether these two sides are really that different at all. 

PavementCrooked Rain, Crooked Rain

I feel like was really late on the Pavement train but the first time I listened to Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain I fell in love. The entire album is unconcerned with getting the best recording takes and more into capturing a more raw emotions. Stephen Malkmus is an unhinged mad poet who is yelling about everything from commercialism in the music industry to wanting to settle down on a secluded farm in the country. ‘Silence Kid’ sets off a domino effect of unrelenting force that comes to a head with the Magnum opus that is ‘Gold Soundz’ that maybe in the contender for the greatest song of all time. The album has this natural slacker vibe that is so undeniably cool and effortless.

AC/DCHighway to Hell

AC/DC particularly shaped me in my early years of listening to music. I picked up an SG, or four, because of Angus Young himself. Highway to Hell truly culminated their early era of rock n roll with the raw punch of both lead and rhythm guitars along with the upbeat grooves on songs like ‘Girls Got Rhythm’ and ‘Get It Hot’ which I try to emulate in my songwriting process as well.

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