ORAKEL ROHBAU MMXIX – C. Ochs´ Illustrations

November 26th 2019

Alchemical rebus, demons and angels scattering bread-crumbs along their path plus Abraxas magic – the exhibition ORAKEL ROHBAU MMXIX shows original drawings, silkscreen prints and collages by musician and songwriter Conny Ochs.

Many of his works are created during concert tours and document a quest for magic, truth and the unknown within oneself. In recent years, music has taken him from Bologna to Seattle and Tokyo. His illustrations are archaic, naïve and always full of longing.

In the tradition of psychedelic artists such as Rick Griffin, but also inspired by primal symbolism, Conny Ochs´ illustrations feature an ritualistic formulas as well as puzzle pieces of pop culture. The pictures, which often seem like incantations, are depicted or collaged with the use of pen, brush, coloured inks, gold print and charcoal.

Since 2014, the Halle/Saale-born artist has been working with a variety of artists, bands and theatre projects to create murals, vinyl and CD artworks and poster designs. A selection of his works can be seen here.

“ORAKEL ROHBAU MMXIX – C. Ochs´ Illustrations” will be shown as part of a concert and vernissage at the Unterholz in Leipzig, Germany.

Check out Conny Ochs live at one of these dates:

08.11.2019 ITA Torino, BlahBlah
25.11.2019 GER Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz
26.11.2019 GER Leipzig, Unterholz (live show + vernissage)
27.11.2019 GER GER Siegen, VEB
28.11. 2019 NL Utrecht, dB’s (VPRO’s 3voor12 Club)
29.11.2019 GER Dortmund, K-Alle Jürgen Wiersch Theater
30.11.2019 GER Dresden, Beatpol (w/ Friedemann)

As part of his exhibition and live shows, Conny Ochs also releases his new video, which you can watch below. We also asked Conny to tell us about his 3 albums that have influenced him the most during his musical career, so listen to the video whilst you read about some great album choices.

(Conny Ochs photo credit: Christian Thiele) 


PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love

I loved this album immediately when I first heard it at sixteen years old. There is is that brooding, strange, sensual atmosphere all around and in it. For me it works like a seance or conjuration. It’s at the same time heavy, frightening, angry, but also fragile and tender. That duality is a quality that fascinates me. I feel that it truly reflects the challenge we find ourselves in day to day, struggling with who we are and who we want to be, the world we find and the world we can shape. There is also her exceptional vocal performance. Hers are the lullabies that are made forever. She’s the one that makes me surrender and give up myself. Also, she has this great band and production, not only on this album. The arrangements are classic, but the way they play out the songs and experiment with sound is unique. Simple but heartfelt words, right from the core of her soul. And in all that beautiful mess there is always her, hovering above with the power to create and destroy, leader of the pack. Her music is ancient magic to me.

Nirvana – Bleach

Nirvana have been my initiation to rock music, and their music still reverberates in my bones. I first heard their music at the age of twelve in a school camp, and I will never forget the impact which that raw and passionate sound had on me. It felt like something fell off me, like a second skin blasted of by a dry, heavy squall. That rhythm and distortion and that demanding, troubled voice totally sucked me in. It has that punk rock attitude, but it’s also psychedelic. That band really nailed it for me, especially as a trio. ‘Love Buzz’ is still one of my favourite covers, it always reminds me of how you can shape a song in various directions. ‘Floyd the Barber’ is merciless, like ‘Negative Creep’ that is still one of my favourite of all their songs. All this was so cathartic for me, of course, as it was to so many others. I learned relief through release from this band, and it since then is one of the main motivations of writing and performing for me. Also, Kurt created this original way of writing. I always try to remember his playful way of writing when I get stuck working on words for a song. He created his lyrics like collages, working with repetitions like prayers or mantras. ‘School’ is everlasting purification… I could go crazy to that forever.

Townes Van Zandt – Townes Van Zandt

Townes to me is the greatest songwriter of all time. He tells eternal legends of the world, of love, of spirit, of man. It’s hard to pick an album because all of his writing, and the change it underwent, mean so much to me. Townes embodies the honesty, simplicity and clearness through experience of a true writer of songs. I feel he speaks through and for each and everyone, in his gentle, humble way of playing and singing. He is full of respect for the music and the audience, and it seems to me he just considers himself to be the medium through which the world reflects unto itself. I never heard anything more real, and more spiritual at the same time than his music. I also found that his lyrics can be of the heaviest kind, way more strong, disturbing and intense than any “heavy” band i have ever heard. Actually, since a few years, the heavy music scene is discovering Townes. Some icons of the scene like Wino, Mike Scheidt and Scott Kelly have covered his songs. When I seem to loose myself in all the noise of possibilities and variations of our days, I listen to any of his tunes and it brings me back to where my love for songs comes from, and immediately I know and feel again what all the travelling, rambling and desperate searching is all about. Just to take a glimpse at the centre of it all, and tell about it if you make it out alive even just for a bit, and make it real to others. So we don’t get lost in ourselves revolving in the endlessness of our destination. Townes took the chance to take a long look at it, and he tells and sweats and cries it out with every note he plays and every word he sings.

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