(Photo credit: An Orchestrated Impulse)

Collaborations are so very cool, often bringing together people from different backgrounds and ideas and creating something extraordinary. This upcoming release by An Orchestrated Impulse is no exception. “An Orchestrated Impulse is a collaborative effort between visual artist Eva Magill-Oliver and recording artists Matt Pond and Chris Hansen. An Orchestrated Impulse will be comprised of twelve paintings and twelve instrumental compositions across twelve keys. The 12-track album will be available digitally and on all streaming services on October 11. The art and music from An Orchestrated Impulse will debut on October 11 at O+ Festival in Kingston, NY.”

The album is available for purchase here.

Matt Pond shared three influential albums with us and you can find them below (Matt’s explanation for album choice number three is pretty great!). Also check out the track ‘Wallkill’ which we are premiering today:

Cannonball Adderley with Bill Evans – Know What I Mean?

Evans opened up my ears to harmony. I can remember hearing this when I was pretty young, laying in bed, muffled through closed doors and talking. It’s a fairly straight ahead album, but some of the piano voicings were dense like Webern or Debussey but also song centric, with an almost pop (relatively speaking) sensibility. I think he’s one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. And Cannonball is a monster player, (underrated may be too strong a word), who I found had a more lyrical (and accessible to my young ears) melodic sense than a lot of the other hard bop players of the era.

Elmer Bernstein Ghostbusters (Original Score)

I was young and impressionable enough for this to have a huge resonance with me.  The straight faced jokiness juxtaposed with creepiness (theremin with orchestral accompaniment!!), I found really compelling. And out of context, some of it is beautifully romantic. Check out ‘Dana’s Theme’.  The way the cello, theremin and flutes trade off on the melody is so gorgeous and as moving as any Oscar winning tear-jerking score.

Van Halen1984

Come to think of it, I must have heard all three of these albums for the first time around the same time. I noticed the album artwork to 1984 before I heard it, and thinking it was the coolest I had ever seen. The purchase of which was initially vetoed by my parents though. The first song I remember hearing was ‘Panama’, and I had never latched onto anything that in your face sounding before. I listened to zero rock, I liked movie scores and Conway Twitty. I remember hot-wiring the living room VCR to my boombox to record the radio when I was at school.  You could get four hours of audio on the VHS if you used the EP speed setting. (I was a nerd) I got the song on the first try. That afternoon I transferred the audio back to cassette so I could listen in my bedroom on repeat. When I emerged, I asked my folks if I could get a guitar for my birthday.

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