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Shot once again by the estimable IMPATV here we have a blistering Supernormal set from Liverpool’s Horsebastard, one of this year’s surprise hits. For a small festival, Supernormal offers up a bewildering smorgasbord of the arcane and mysterious. After getting pitched up and starting on the cans, leafing through the programme is to tumble into a carnival of striking names and colourful descriptions. Even for the hardcore music nerd, it brings a whole world of new and unfamiliar bands. Still, in a packed field of oddball propositions you know you want to check out a band called Horsebastard, why wouldn’t you? They call themselves ‘Pioneers of Equestrian blastcore’ whatever that might be. Unsure quite what to expect we had nonetheless worked out that ‘when I say HORSE! you say BASTARD!’ was going to be a fun game to play either way. We were not alone in reaching this conclusion. I suppose their obvious sense of humour is a slight misdirection. Horsebastard play furious power violence. Buzzing swarming guitars, screaming, growling vocals and biscuit tin drums all rage with jaw-dropping precision at a pace that leaves them exhausted every few minutes. Singer Chris rocks a SuBo t-shirt and old school muzzy. I asked their bass player Pete about how their Supernormal set went for the band…

P: “I think we felt we’d pretty much acquitted ourselves acceptably, despite going on about 20 minutes after we arrived on site… a handful of angry onstage wasps might beg to differ. We certainly appreciated the audience’s raucous response at the end of our set!”

(((o))) How about the festival experience more generally?

P: “For the 7 or 8 hours we were there it seemed like a hive of friendly, chilled heads with an admirably diverse taste in tunes. We really appreciated being asked to play”

(((o))) You were a big hit amongst the extended crew I was with. None of us had heard of you before, we just thought it’d be fun to shout the name. I don’t think we expected you to be so on it. It’s great to see a band like yourselves on such a mixed bill too.

P: Ah many thanks, It really means a lot to us and helps us keep doing what we do. It definitely always makes us chuckle to have the word Horsebastard shouted at us! We’re happy to play wherever we’re welcome at the end of the day…

(((o))) You’ve just got back from playing in Spain, how’s the sunburn, how were the gigs and how grim is the future of playing Europe post Brexit looking for a band like yourselves? Is there a chance you’re part of such a niche scene you can fly under that radar or are you going to be screwed as well?

P: “We are all suitably lathered in soothing balms and lotions. Spain was deffo a lot of too much fun in the sun. I think we’re more tanned on the inside than the outside. Regarding the Imminent Grimness, your guess is as good as ours. Perhaps we’ll slip through the net, we’re booked to play Lithuania in February so let’s see what happens…”

(((o))) Well, good luck with it, I know you’re playing soon with Petbrick anything else coming up for you?

P: “Yeah, looking forward to the Petbrick show, that’s in Sheffield on 29/10. If we see our long-delayed split EP with Retortion Terror anywhere out there on the horizon we’ll be sure to let you know.”


Horsebastard play Sheffield at Record Junkee, Oct 29th with Petbrick, Opium Lord and Scumbastard


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