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ba:zel is a Prague based electroacoustic duo made up of Ewelina Chiu (vocals, flute, keyboard, midi-pedal) and Daniel Vlček (bass, beats, synths). Together with Montreal based instrumentalist Alder & Ash (Adrian Copeland), they have collaborated on a single titled ‘Pound of Fle$h’. The collaboration is timely as it speaks to the impact industry has on the environment. The track will be released as a single via artist-owned Canadian label Mendicant Records.

The track is “…about industry, its impact on the environment and the potential consequences. The meat industry is alluded to in particular as well as the overconsumption of meat in the West. The verses are inspired by the song ‘America the Beautiful’ which begins with: Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain. “Pound of Fle$h” sarcastically waxes poetic about the “beautiful” endless waves of grain (mostly grown to feed livestock” and the “perfect” sunny days of a rainless sky (devastating droughts brought on by climate change).

The chorus is a nod to Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice who demands a pound of flesh as payment from someone who has not paid his debt. The merchant is nevertheless thwarted when it’s pointed out that he never mentioned anything about blood and that he must take his pound of flesh without spilling a drop, an impossible feat. Although the meat industry obviously draws blood, the great price paid for flesh is the copious water needed to raise livestock. In the end our disregard of the planet will result in catastrophe, including rising sea levels, tidal waves that will sweep us all off our feet (swoon*).”

100% of proceeds from sales of the ‘Pound of Fle$h’ single will go to https://350.org. 350.org is a non-profit organization, an “ international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all.”

Today we premiere the video for the track.

The following is the Bandcamp link to support: https://bazel.bandcamp.com/track/pound-of-fle-h

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