(Photo by Matt Wilven)


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Liverpool born but London based ambient artist Ose is the project of producer Ewan Fisher. On September 27th he is set to release his debut album Ellipsis via Sine Language Records. The six-track album was written during a period of intense loss in Ewan’s life and this loss, and all emotions that went with it, are deeply reflected throughout the album. As stated in the write-up for this release, “On Ellipsis, Fisher has illustrated this turbulent, life-altering time using melodic minimalism, deep noise texture, warm bass drone, and dramatic soundscapes, making for an emotionally charged and visceral listen.”

Today we premiere a video for the track ‘Snow at High Tide’. It is the fourth track on the album and second single to have been released so far. Check out the video below.

For info on the live album launch, visit the event page on Facebook here: https://m.facebook.com/events/2459139920809924



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