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JAVVA is a four-piece Polish band that can’t be pigeonholed into one genre of music. On October 11th the band is set to release their debut album titled Balance of Decay via Antena Krzyku. The album is “devoted mostly to technological, social and environmental crisis that humanity witnesses at the end of the second decade of XXI century. The dance rhythms and melodies are being blended with bitter lyrics that portray different mundane problems and general unwellness of modern mankind.”

Today we premiere the video for the track ‘Kua Fu’. The band had this to say about the video,

“‘Kua Fu’ is a piece about the problem of losing the equilibrium – meant as a state of relation between a human and nature as well as inner condition of each of us. We live in a world that seems to reach the turning point of its history – says Łukasz Jędrzejczak, vocalist and keyboardist of the band.
The video was directed by two cinematographers – Kamil Gubała and Adam Lipiński. Concept and edit by Piotr Bukowski, guitarist of Javva. – “We made this video in our house that accurately visualise our hearts and music” – adds Bukowski.
“The aesthetics of the video perfectly reflects the mood of our music, full of fractures, colors and seemingly incompatible elements. The place where we filmed reminds me a little of a town through which a hurricane passed. Disturbing and at the same time beautiful in its chaos and disorder” – adds Jędrzejczak.”
Check out the video below. 


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