London-based Italian pianist and composer Maria Chiara Argirò will be releasing her second album titled Hidden Seas on September 27th via Cavalo Records. On this release, Maria uses synths and electronics and the introduction of vocals by vocalist Leïla Martial.

The concept of the album is an interesting one. “A lifelong fascination with the sea led to the initial concept of the album, and when a copy of Edward MacDowell’s Sea Pieces fell at Argirò‘s feet at a Camden Market bookstore the idea was sealed. The overarching theme of the album is the sea and each song represents a story about the sea, either imagined or inspired by real life stories.”

We thought it would be cool to find out more about Maria, so we asked her to pick three albums that have influenced her and her music. These are her picks.

Pre-order for the album can he found here:

Catch Maria live here:

DATES 2019
28 September – Lucca Jazz Donna Festival, Lucca, Italy
23 October – Peggy’s Skylight, Nottingham
24 October – Seven Arts, Leeds
25 October – Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle
15 November – The Crypt, London (part of the EFG London Jazz Festival)
8 December – The Vortex, London (Album Launch)

Kneebody & DaedelusKneedelus 

I listened to this album for a long period of time between the recording session of Hidden Seas and the mixing time. I love the continuous search for a specific sound in each track, especially for the keyboard effects and drum sound. I always loved bands that bring this sort of edgy sound and experiment with genres, even when they play a quieter song like ‘Move’. 
The grooves are also incredible. The meeting between the jazz of Kneebody and the electronica of Daedelus is really inspiring.

RadioheadIn Rainbows

I cannot deny that Radiohead will always inspire me and influence, somehow, my music. I picked this album as it is, possibly, the Radiohead album I was listening mostly during the period I wrote Hidden Seas. Especially songs like ‘Nude’, ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’, ‘All I need’, ‘Reckoner’.
Someone once told me that I spontaneously adopted some of their chords progressions at some point in the album. I love the idea of making music like they always did: a constant and adventurous sonic game to be played. The musical results of this album are real gems.


I really love this album for the perfect meeting between composition and improvisation and the interplay between just two musicians. 
I think it’s something I am constantly searching in my music: the infinite possibilities between the balance and the edge of it. The production on this album is also exceptional. I had to stop listening to this album at some point as I got really obsessed by it for a long period.  Both the playing of the musicians and the shape of each composition are incredible. It brings you on an adventurous musical journey. 

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