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Brooklyn-based garage punk quartet Desert Sharks are set to release their LP titled Baby’s Gold Death Stadium via Substitute Scene Records on September 27th. The band has been together since 2011, having met through Craigslist ads, and have been playing and writing music ever since. 

This LP is made up of twelve tracks, inspired by bassist and lead singer Stephanie Gunther‘s “experiences with everything from anxiety to social archetypes.” The track “‘Sorceress’ embraces personal power and challenges the dismissal of the aging woman, while ‘I Don’t Know How to Dress for the Apocalypse’ reflects on the general anxiety of younger generations as they grapple with social and environmental concerns in a divisive political climate. ‘Dating?’ is Gunther’s real-life plea to a fellow Desert Shark who kept getting back together with a toxic ex—“You know she’s bad for you. / Don’t make the same mistake.””

We caught up with the band and asked them to pick three albums that have influenced them and their music. These are their picks.

Pre-order the limited edition 12″ Gold Vinyl here.

Catch the band live here: 

09.20 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY (w/ Dude York)
09.25 – Dwell – Washington, DC
09.26 – Garden Grove – Richmond, VA
09.28 – The Broadway (LP Release Show) – Brooklyn, NY (w/ New Myths, Nevva)
10.05 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA

Veruca Salt – American Thighs

Growing up in the 90’s, Veruca Salt were one of those bands that really stuck with us. Sure, we were drawn in by the fact that they were a prominent female-led alternative/grunge band at the time, but it was their heavy ass guitar riffs paired with melodic vocals and harmonies on this album (and their subsequent Eight Arms to Hold You) that really influenced us – especially Stephanie vocally. We listened to ‘Get Back’ over and over in the studio before recording the backups on our song ‘Serpent’. You can tell Veruca Salt were super into The Beatles by their melodic structure and frequent nods to them (another fav). Our song titled ‘Volcano’ is a tip of the hat to VS’s ‘Volcano Girls’ (as well as to Liz Phair’s line, “you fuck like a volcano” from ‘Supernova’).

Toadies – Rubberneck

This album is so underrated it’s crazy! A lot of people have heard their song, ‘Possum Kingdom’ from it, but have missed out on all the other songs and dynamics going on in the whole album. Toadies love to play with various rhythms mixed with heavy guitars like on ‘Backslider’ and ‘I Come From the Water’. Rubberneck is guitar driven mixed with Vaden Todd Lewis’ super clean vocals that from time to time snarl with grit. It’s dark and sexy and weird and cool and heavy. We were listening to Toadies a lot when writing our song, ‘Dating?’.

Sleater-Kinney – One Beat

The thing that really sets Sleater-Kinney apart from other indie bands is the beauty of their interchanging guitar riffs. From the simple to the complex, the way Corin and Carrie’s phrases seem to have this call and response to each other truly makes you get lost in the flow of their guitar work. In terms of lyrics, One Beat is arguably Sleater-Kinney’s most political record. Released in 2002, songs like ‘Combat Rock’ and ‘Step Aside’ captured the general climate of the post 9/11 George W. Bush era in America. The theme of our song ‘I Don’t Know How to Dress for the Apocalypse’ is a sort of continuation of this mood 17 years later.  

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