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Earlier this year R.O.C returned to the scene with a new album titled Bile & Celestial Beauty. It’s their first after a twelve-year hiatus. Today the band not only release a new lysergic short film for their track ‘Mexicans’ but they also announce the release of their back catalogue due out November 1st via rocmusic. The reissue covers the decade 1996-2006 and includes their self-titled debut on Setanta Records, its follow-up Virgin (on the eponymous label), and Night Fold Around Me on 12 Apostles. Below you will find the tracklists.

‘Mexicans’ is the fourth track off of their latest album. The video is a short film created by R.O.C with Ukrainian director Oleg Rooz. Check it out here: 

R.O.C album reissues digital tracklists

‘R.O.C’ ALBUM 1996

1 Desert Wind
2 Excised
3 God Willing (album version)
4 Hey You Chick (album version)
5 Balloon
6 Real Time
7 Plastic Jesus
8 I Want You I Need You I Miss You
9 Goldbug
10 La Heredia
11 Thirteen Summers
12 Dear Nicky
13 Sylvia’s Thighs
14 Asencion
15 Clouds


1 Dada
2 (Dis)Count Us In
3 Mountain
4 Cheryl
5 Corner Off 1-25
6 Dead Pool
7 Ever Since Yesterday
8 25 Reasons To Leave Me
9 K.C.
10 Cold Chill Just Lately
11 Said What I Said
12 Ocean & England


1. Sally Ann
2. Pleasant Dream
3. Sing A Poor Song
4. River
5. Princess
6. Sink A Bite Into Life
7. Too Late Too Much
8. Vespers
9. Soviva
10. Just One Thing


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