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Breakup Haircut are not only original for their band name choice but also for their story on how they came to be. More on that in a bit though. First, you need to know that the band is made up of four musicians who are based in London and who play sometimes-pop-sometimes-punk music. On September 27th they are set to release their debut EP What did you expect? I got it off the internet! via Manchester-based indie punk label, Hell Hath No Fury.

So now, for their story. The band describes this well, 

“We got together for First Timers Fest 2019, a festival where all the bands are playing their first ever gig – and we try to embody that ethos! Most of our members have written their first songs as part of this band, and we favour trying new things and treat this as a safe space. The community came together to help us make this EP, with Manchester-based DIY punk label Hell Hath No Fury putting up the release and Marcelo Rachmuth (Sugar Rush!, Cecilia) recording it in DIY Space For London and also his basement.”
Today we have the pleasure of premiering a track off the EP titled ‘Why Can’t I Be Cool Enough To Move To Berlin?’. Check it out here: 

Pre-order the album here:

The single and then EP will also be available on Spotify and other stores, for which you can presave here:

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