jade imagine are an Australian band who have just released their debut album Basic Love via Marathon Artists & Courtney Barnett’s Milk! Records on August 2nd. The band are known for its synth-wave, bleak-pop and art-rock sounds and this album represents these sounds very well. The album is made up of ten tracks that “speak of the internal and emotional monkey grip that exists within our generation — it’s all meant to feel good even if everything is sinking. Written half in the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne, this album encapsulates both the magic and the struggle of existing in a society that’s trapped in-between worlds; the romantic vs. the sci-fi.”

We thought it was about time we found out more about what makes the band tick, so we asked them to pick the three albums that have influenced their music. These are their picks.

Album available here: https://jadeimagine.bandcamp.com/album/basic-love

The Church – Starfish

This album is an album full of song “journeys”. This album kinda has it all – dynamics, guitar interplay, sparse bass lines and punchy drums. I grew up listening to The Church, and this album really stuck with me into adulthood. Fave tracks are ‘Destination’ (best driving song), ‘North, South, East and West’, and ‘Reptile’.

Weyes Blood – Front Row Seat To Earth

I love this album because it has a similar sentiment to the songs I write (in my opinion). It’s taking a look at current day technologies and modern life struggles, and trying to inject a beauty or a human feel into it. I love the vocal delivery, the mixing of the album and the fact you can put this record on and let it just wash over you, or you can listen to the lyrical content and go deeper into it. Favourite track is ‘Generation Why’.

Warpaint – Self-titled

Just a solid live band with some outstanding recordings. I really love their approach to mixing electronic and live instruments together. The vocal effects they use, and the kind of naivety of the lyrics. Above all, it just sounds like they were having fun during the recording process, and that’s something I wanted to convey through my record too. Favourite track would have to be ‘Disco//very’.

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