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Compro Oro is a five-piece from Ghent, Belgium that explores jazz through a psychedelic lens. On October 18th the band is set to release a new album titled Suburban Exotica via Sdban Ultra.

On this album, Compro Oro offer wild, profound and uncanny flavours that explore the best of Afro-Cuban music and jazz-tinged psychedelia. Suburban Exotica features drummer, keyboardist and percussionist Joachim Cooder, son of guitar legend Ry Cooder who played on both the landmark Buena Vista Social Club albums and the Manuel Galban spin-off, Mambo Sinuendo. He adds percussion and his effects-laden electric mbira to three tracks on the album; ‘Miami New Wave’, ‘Rastapopoulos’ and ‘Dark Crystal’. 

Today we premiere the track ‘Rastapopoulos’, the second single released from their upcoming album. The instrumentation is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed the bass line on this track. Check it out here.

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