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South London duo WAHL releases a video for their newest single titled ‘Always Gonna Be This Way’. As a duo, they still manage to create a full and rich soundscape. With Rachel Still’s dark and lush vocals and Kayleigh Cheer’s steady drumming, this track just leaves the listener wanting more. 

Impactful and dark, the track is the perfect introduction to a band cloaked in the kind of mystery difficult to achieve in the modern music industry. Choosing not to give too much away and revelling in adopting a more traditional means of self-promotion, they let the art speak for itself. The band also campaign for equality in the music industry by rejecting gender labels completely; “We prefer to think of ourselves simply as musicians, as opposed to women in music.” 

Hear Hear, as it should be!

Check out out the video for the track here: 

Live dates:

The Finsbury, London, UK – 5.9

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