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DEADBEAR is the moniker of Berlin-based producer and electronic musician Nick Donovan. His latest work is a charity album project titled World Music Market and it is released today! The release is a concept record tied wholly to Berlin, vinyl and the migration of people and music. In addition, all profits will be going directly to Refugees Welcome

Although the concept of the album is tied to Berlin, its spirit is far more reaching. As Nick explains, “I wrote this new record over the course of several months after amassing a stack of vintage ‘World Music’ vinyl from my local Sunday flohmarkt. I would go to this one same stall every Sunday and pick up something incredible – discontinued runs of Middle East compilations, Nubian region samplers, one-hit wonders from Yemen. After a while, it became clear this collection needed to become more than just a Sunday listening experience. I knew I had to make a record out of it. ‘World Music Market’ collides styles and samples from 11 vinyl records (most pressed in the 50s and 60s) and 14 different countries. Korean Court music sits alongside Tibetan Folk, Syrian dances and Sudanese prayer songs. Encapsulating the spirit of Berlin through the context of electronic music, celebrations of multiculturalism and migration of people to Berlin from all corners of the world, ‘World Music Market’ is also a record that plays with set concepts of time and place.” 

With the permission of many people and labels to work with the samples used on this album, Nick has created quite an incredible musical quilt, bringing together music that might not have ever crossed paths or have continued to sit dormant in a shop or on someone’s shelf. Today we have the pleasure of premiering the album. Check it out below and buy it, follow this link:

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