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DIM – The ominous 3rd record, of the trio Colored Moth from Berlin, narrates the dim fading of colors, but fights against it at the same time having color in its name. Limitless versatility on 13 new songs, dressed in a post-HC disguise. Recorded live for the first time and as usual in their own rehearsal room. Raw, grubby, sweaty and original, because everyone who saw them already on stage, knows that here lies the primal force of the band. Loosing themselves in the moment of the performance, so the audience needs to be concerned about the health of the three noisicians.

Colored Moth considers DIM as more spontaneous and dynamical, that reveals its musical progress, as they drop plenty of bulky goods in order to sound more unlocked.

The digital release on all platforms is set to August 29, followed by the physical release on September 12 via Wolves & Vibrancy Records. Preorder the vinyl edition here

Listen to the album here:


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