Brighton duo, Cultdreams (formerly Kamikaze Girls) are set to release their second album on August 16th titled Things That Hurt via Big Scary Monsters Records. The album is made up of ten incredible tracks each filled with incredible instrumentation and thoughtful and poignant lyrics. 

The band states that the message behind the album is that all of us have Things That Hurt buried in our own stories, but we no longer have to live in those moments. They are a part of us, but they are not our entirety. We are more than the things that hurt.

We asked the band to pick the three albums that have influenced them and their music and Lucinda Livingstone (guitarist and vocalist) answered.

The Cure – Disintegration

This record was a huge influence for both of us. The reason we both love The Cure is largely the way they reinvent themselves each record, something which we also really enjoy doing with each of our releases, with artwork, music, and all the other creative aspects of a record. 

This record is super dark in comparison to the few releases before that were full of pop bangers, but at the same time the music still sounds exactly like the same band, and the songs, although taking a darker tone, are still bangers, and the choruses are still huge. I guess that’s something we also take from The Cure, especially with our most recent record. Subject matters are darker, but the music still remains melodic and the choruses are still something you could scream along to at a show.

We saw The Cure together for the first time in 2012 headline Leeds fest. They played for 3 hours, 32 songs including a 7 track encore. I feel like every show they change things up, and rarely will you see the exact same setlist from them. In our eyes, they can do no wrong!

Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything To Nothing

For me when I heard this record it blew my mind. For me I constantly listen to lyrics, I always want to know the stories behind songs and the meanings of things. Every song on this album lyrically is so sincere and when I first heard it I especially loved how nothing was doused in metaphors, and that’s something I really took in and brought to my own lyric writing ever since I heard it.

When we were writing our latest album we had a playlist on the go for inspiration between the both of us, and without realising I’d filled it with Manchester Orchestra songs. Their structures don’t always follow a traditional format, and the way a lot of their music builds up really influenced the way we did things on Things That Hurt.

La Dispute – Rooms Of The House

Bands like La Dispute heavily influenced us musically, and also vocally with the spoken word aspect of our sound. The record is fictional and Jordan creates characters, which is something quite far removed from our own style, but watching each song unfold and build on this record is an adventure in its self. 

My style vocally has developed through bands like this giving us the confidence to throw more spoken word into our songs. When we first wrote ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sad Forever’ (the first song we wrote for our last album Seafoam) I was so indecisive on the vocal delivery and unsure. Listening to bands like La Dispute really inspired me just get in the vocal booth and go for it, and not to worry about what people would think of my style of quite shouty, angsty spoken word.

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