Bliss EP by Radar Men From The Moon

Release date: May 1, 2019
Label: Fuzz Club Records

Over time, Radar Men From The Moon (RMFTM) have steadily evolved into a band who defy categorisation. Starting off as psychedelic upstarts, they are more in tune with abstract industrial experiments these days, when they are not off on some collaborative expedition with the likes of 10000 Russos or Gnod, or someone. It makes for some rather demanding listening, but as the clangs and crashes unfold, you do gain a sense of elevated beauty within the chaos.

New EP Bliss is not really going to win over anyone who was on the fence about this, but for those of us who have been listening and exploring for a while, it’s a valedictory release which cements their place as one of the most intriguing bands out there.

At three tracks long, it may feel like it’s going to brief, but each track takes its own approach to developing a drone like state of electronic bliss. It’s a dark journey, but one which does display some hope, as in the throbbing anti-disco best of ‘Naked’ which almost makes a play for some techno inspired Blade Runner dance-floor. This ain’t no disco though, and this ain’t no fooling around, as RMFTM emanate a distorted wall of noise which develops into peculiar drone like tendencies. Waves of sound, as on final track ‘Bliss’, pour out of the speakers, whilst a heartbeat throbs in the back of it all. It’s the sound of machines made from living, breathing parts, learning to talk a machine language of warped noise.

There’s a strong sense that RMFTM are only just getting started with their explorations into noise, and they leave you with an anticipation, teased out by the moments when the drone threaten to break out into something much less abstract. That holding back creates a tense energy though, making Bliss a listen which keeps you right at that total point of release. As the old adage goes, leave them wanting more, and quite rightly so. Now, let’s see where their next release takes us!

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