S/T by De Lorians

Release date: July 26, 2019
Label: Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

Hailing from Tokyo, the latest additions to the ever impressive Beyond Beyond Is Beyond roster are De Lorians, some rather interesting hippy types playing a peculiar hybrid of free jazz mixed with the classic Canterbury sound. Coming at you like some 70’s US cop show where Frank Zappa is your kookie sidekick. It’s a total left turn to what you would normally expect from those far climes, although based on BBiB records for finding intriguing new sounds, we really shouldn’t be too shocked.

Either way, as the undulating sounds of the music straps you into its maze of entangled instruments, with each track serving as its very own peculiar soundtrack to the film playing out in your mind (and try not to pretend you are not some browbeaten cop in some smoky backroom), you really do have to take your hat off to these young upstarts who, on this debut album, have created a smorgasbord of sounds which never fails to impress. It’s short and snappy at just over 30 minutes, but it’s all the music you will need as the hot sun blazes down on you. Heady times with indeed, and we sure need more of that right now!

Highlights are the persistent ‘A Ship Of Mental Health’ which brings forth the aforementioned Canterbury sound, more of which later, the laidback ‘Roccotsu’ which plays up the funk, and the bravado of ‘Toumai’ playing us out. It’s all pretty much part of the same theme though, with each track providing the next vital step on our trip through the album. Indeed, you find yourself losing track of time (and space), which is testament to the superior playing power of the band. Rarely do you get a debut album so well defined.

It’s interesting to note the Canterbury Sound, and there is a certain Hatfield And The North about certain tracks. That such an English sound would have made it so far over to the East may seem surprising on the surface but when we consider the impact of prog on that audience then we can spot which records the band have been stealing from their parents collections. It adds a whole new dynamic to an already vibrant scene, and one would hope that there are more bands just waiting to be discovered for our delectable delight.

Whether De Lorians are a band that can continue to impress will depend on their ability to progress with their sound. For all it’s “progressiveness” there is the danger of them falling into the one trick pony trap of one dimensional. They have the tools at hand to develop further though, and based on this debut you really wouldn’t put it past them. As for now, they have created an album of singular momentum and creativity, and can rest well knowing they have further stoked the fires of interest within the realms of underground music. Now, don those shades and light up a big fat one, this ride is taking you out on the hard-worn streets again.

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