Interview: AJA

I always give 100% of my energy, also my sets are always improvised with my hardware so every single performance is unique.

Supersonic Festival has been wowing audiences with its varied lineups since 2003 and this year’s event held between 19th-21st July is shaping up to be an absolute cracker. With performances from Neurosis, Godflesh, The Bug & Moor Mother, Mono, and Anna Von Hausswolff among so many others, Supersonic is a celebration of underground music, art and film and is highly anticipated as soon as it is announced. The festival is held in an assortment of venues in Birmingham and features an array of bands, acts, DJs and everything in between, always ready to expect the unexpected. With this year’s installment rapidly approaching, we spoke with a series of bands who are playing this year’s event about playing Supersonic as well as what else they they are up to. We chat with AJA whose full on theatrical live show is not to be missed at Supersonic.

(((o))): You’re playing on the Saturday of the Supersonic Festival. Are you looking forward to playing at the festival?

Yeah! I can’t wait to play!

(((o))): What does Supersonic mean to you as a festival?

FUNFUNFUNFUNFUN and some good weird music!!

(((o))): Are you looking forward to catching any of the other acts over the weekend?

Yeah I’m really looking forward to see Moor Mother and Body Vice!

(((o))): If you could curate your own festival, who would you have playing it?

Guttersnipe, Mun Sing, UKAEA, Lucy Railton, Maria Horn just to name a few!

(((o))): Are you looking forward to your forthcoming show at the Eat Me presents Queer Noise Club with Godspeed You! Peter Andre and Alec Tronik?

Yes! I can’t wait for this show, it’s the first show that QNC are collaborating on organizing and I couldn’t ask to do it with better people or artists – I cannot WAIT to play , I always love playing with GY!PA they’re like my family.

(((o))): How did your recent performance at the Heart Of Noise Festival go?

It was actually one of the best shows I”ve ever played, surrounded by the alps you really get a spiritual coating of unique energy there – also the sound technician was incredible and I was so well looked after by the organisers – also the crowd were absolutely incredible, so full of energy! I got to play along some of my favourite artists Lucy Railton and Maria Horn so I wanted to impress.

(((o))): Does the visual aspect of your performance go hand in hand with your music?

Yes! The costumes that LULALOOP and I make inform the sound and I’ve just been working with an amazing artist called Laila Ali Majid on some new visuals for the shows coming up which I find really inspiring.

(((o))): What do you do to make every performance you do as memorable as possible for the audience?

I always give 100% of my energy, also my sets are always improvised with my hardware so every single performance is unique. 

(((o))): Have you got any plans to follow up your self titled debut album at the moment?

I’m working on something at the moment – keep those ears peeled!

(((o))): What has the reaction to your music been like so far?

Surprisingly very positive and supportive, I was fully expecting no one to really like or understand what I do but I feel like I’m slowly attracting a family of loving weirdos who mirror my sense of humour and liking to intensity. 

(((o))): Who inspires you both as a musician and an artist?

Bjork, Natalie Sharp, AIDS Wolf, and Guttersnipe at the moment!

(((o))): What artists are you listening to at the moment that you could recommend to us and what makes them stand out to you?

I guess the ones I’ve mentioned so far, Guttersnipe, Mun Sing, AIDS Wolf, Natalie Sharp (Body Vice) Gazelle Twin, Maria W Horn and Lucy Railton. What makes them stand out is the feelings that resonate that I can’t put into words. I feel like these people are producing the most exciting and authentic work that really pushes boundaries and combines quality production with unique approaches.

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