Basket Star by Adir L.C.

Release date: May 17, 2019
Label: Birdwatcher Arts

Mixing musical genres is like trying your hand at doing cocktail drinks – it can turn out to be a smash, or it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, or ear, to say the least. To get where you want to go, you require both skill, knowledge and talent.

Many have probably not heard much about Brooklyn songwriter Adir Cohen, aka Adir L.C., but he has been around, both musically and literally, as he has traveled a bit, from New Jersey to Tel Aviv and then ‘back’ to Brooklyn. After his 2016 album Oceanside Cities, he recently came up with his newest offering, Basket Star.

All his travels, both musical and physical are quite evident, and the musical and lyrical variety and his run through the genres without really abandoning the singer/songwriter tag he has been given, to produce a musical cocktail that you can actually drink/listen to. What he does is mixes those throughout his songs, but still making a coherent personal view.


Jazzy brass throughout comes and goes, like on ‘Best Version (of my short life)’, Stephen Malkmus’ psych/pop tones crop all over, as on ‘Go Hard’ or ‘Pink Cloud’, so does some homegrown percussion (the title track), with Adir’s acoustic guitar never leaving the scene throughout. ‘Same Way’, just Adir his voice and acoustic guitar cover that ‘obligatory’ singer/songwriter territory and then simply fizzes away.

His lyrics, impressionistic and oblique at points are all over the place, but fit his musical vision and can easily slip you by if you don’t pay attention because they go along with the music, as one of the cocktails that have a bitter element thrown in. The key track here is ‘Getting Home’, that moves from the brass to percussion to acoustic and then retraces those steps for another round.

Adir L.C. comes up with quite a potent cocktail on Basket Star, no bitter taste afterward.

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