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Tree House is the project of London-based Will Fortna. Today, Tree House releases a video for the track, ‘I Hold The Dice’ which is the B-side to ‘Head Up High – Tree House’s first foray since 2017’s Into The Ocean EP. While ‘Head Up High’ introduced a sense of swagger into the Tree House oeuvre, ‘I Hold The Dice’ retains the careful careful compositions and breezy aesthetic of Fortna’s earlier work. 

The video for the track was directed by artist/designer Ilana Blumberg inspired by the choreographed dance videos of the late ‘90s and early 2000s (Britney,S Club, etc.) Blumberg takes an amateur dance troupe through a decidedly childlike series of moves, bouncing and bobbing and stomping through the song. Featuring the hats and knitwear made by Blumberg (her usual trade), the video was filmed at the Memorials of Distinction HQ in Surrey Quays.

Check out the video here:



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