Photo Credit: Anne Valeur

Aiming For Enrike | Website

Aiming For Enrike are a Norwegian duo that create explosive music filled with many interesting layers. The duo have just come back from a Japanese tour and immediately head out to Eastern Europe – pretty non-stop. They’re playing Arctangent fest and have also played Strangeforms. Today they release a new single titled, ‘Don’t Hassle the Hoff’, and it also comes with a video. It is being released via Pekula Records.

When I first read the promo for this release I definitely had a chuckle. I was a kid when David Hasselhoff and Night Rider blew up the TV screens. The play on words is pretty great. Then I had a look at the video and it’s just as witty and funny. Great track, great video. 

The band will be releasing an album on January 10th of next year via Pekula Records titled, Music for Working Out. I’m definitely looking forward to this release.

For now, check out this video/track: 


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