Photo credit: Rachel Winslow

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Fauvely is the project of Chicago-based singer-guitarist Sophie Brochu (Astrobrite, Videotape), who creates deeply personal dream-pop music. On May 17th of this year, she released her new EP, This is What the Living Do via Diversion Records. Today she releases a video for the track, ‘What the Living Do’. The track itself is haunting and beautiful. Fauvely’s voice is quite extraordinary and the instrumentation for the track is filled with vast and lush layers.

When asked about this track Fauvely explained, “I wrote this almost exactly a year ago when my dear friend, Kim, was losing her mother, Donna. She was in hospice care in the home Kim grew up in. My husband cooked for the family and I brought the food over. Donna sat up and smiled this beautiful smile. It was such a sad time, but it was marked by small moments of love and appreciation and very strange beauty.“ 

Check out this beautiful video here: 


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