Manchester’s Binge is a two-piece instrumental math noise band made up of drummer Mark Heron (original drummer from Oceansize and Kong, and former live drummer for Paradise Lost) and guitarist Rob Sewell. They made their live debut in December 2018 before travelling to Mannheim, Germany to record their upcoming album. The album is made up of five tracks and one of those tracks is called ‘Acrostic’. The band has recorded a live in-studio video for this track and we are premiering today.

The band recorded the album and video at RAMA Tonstudio. The studio is situated in the marketing suite of an old margarine factory in the industrial part of central Mannheim. This is important to note since the studio has named their series of live video recordings, Melting Butter Sessions. The band noted that “the music in this video is completely live and unedited. The added visual effects are a reference to the band’s live show in which colourful and psychedelic moving images are projected directly onto their white suits and balaclavas.” The track is a quick-paced, in your face, head-banging, just over six-minute noise ride. A great intro for what lies ahead with the album release.

Check out ‘Melting Butter Session #41: Binge – Acrostic’ here:


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