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WSTLND is the debut LP from CNJR. It will be out June 7, 2019 via Future Archive Recordings. Exploring the struggle to survive the human experience, the complexities of mental health and depression, and the alienation of being queer, WSTLND is a heavily emotive experience. CNJR combines complex electronic sounds, retro synthesizers, recorded instrumentation, and occasional vocals to uniquely create a dark electro/analog tapestry that draws listeners into an introspective experience.

Listen to the album here:

Together with the exclusive stream of the entire album, CNJR also shares a stunning video for the song ‘HRS’ directed by artist Joel Hayden ( On this single, vocals are performed by Czech artist Lucie Hamzová. Joel Hayden stated that “I felt that the song created a world that was really interesting to imagine and illustrate, I wanted the video to allow a glimpse of this world and allude to a darker narrative unfolding in a dystopian future. I tried to create an aesthetic that mixed retro sci-fi ideas with a more contemporary finish.”

Check out the video here:

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